Who we are

Students Making a Change is a non-profit focused on addressing the opportunity and achievement gap at City College of San Francisco through local political advocacy. As members of SMAC, students of color who are most impacted by the opportunity and achievement gaps that are endemic at California Community Colleges can become political actors, advocating for equitable practices on their own campus and across all CCCs through work in the state capitol. We believe that by giving students a voice we can move towards racial, economic and educational equity.

Current Campaigns and Projects


Student Equity


TEch Literacy campaign

The Technology Literacy Campaign (TLC) is a program at CCSF currently under development. Proposed by SMAC, TLC aims to provide laptop loans, computer training workshops, and technological support for CCSF students in an effort to close the digital divide for low-income and first generation college students who face difficulty with accessing the technology they need for their academic success.

Bridge to Succes

Bridge to Success is a partnership between San Francisco Unified School District and City College. SFUSD graduates can now use their high school transcripts to place into college-level courses at CCSF. Currently SMAC leaders are working on implementing and expanding the Bridge to Success program so it impacts more students of color in Bay Area schools. 

In 2012, San Francisco City College Don Griffin noted that the average length of time it took CCSF students to be able to transfer to a four-year institution was seven or eight semesters, which takes for years. This length of time negatively impacted students' likelihood of successful degree completion. 


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Student leaders organize the student body through multiple avenues, including workshops, trainings, events, working groups, and class presentations. We aim to raise awareness about programs and services CCSF needs for student success. We hope to empower student voice on and off campus for student equity.

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Leadership Development

Faculty advisors, alumni and SMAC consultants, provide expertise and pass on institutional knowledge that support key organizational functions. These include strategic planning, leadership development, budgeting and financial modeling. In addition, advisors keep student-leaders abreast of current policy issues and emerging research with the potential to support future reform.

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Digital Action Hub

The hub is a community space created by SMAC’s leaders, who launched DAhub in October 2014. While the organization’s leaders were encouraged by the movement and possibility in today’s digital landscape, they noted that working-class students and communities of color didn’t have access to the resources or technical skills to participate in the field. As technological innovation continues in San Francisco, many working-class students, youth and families are being left behind. This is the gap Digital Action Hub (DAhub) hopes to fill.

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