Community Organizing

Community College campuses are largely an untapped resource for emerging organizers and leaders. As such, a key component of SMAC’s work is organizing around issues that inhibit the success of marginalized community college students. SMAC invites experienced, long-time community organizers to provide comprehensive organizing training to SMAC leaders who learn and apply skills such as engaging their base, analyzing  power, and developing campaigns.

While SMAC’s day-to-day activities and campaigns have changed over time, four key areas of work remain constant because we believe, in combination, these areas present the best way to improve student equity and college success for all community college students, especially for students of color. The following are SMAC’s key priority areas for organizing:

  1. Accelerating Pathways to Student Success

  2. Expanding Access to Resources for Students and Their Communities

  3. Institutionalizing Equity at CCSF

  4. Centering Undocumented Student Achievement