Institutionalizing Racial Equity

SMAC students have demanded that CCSF and community colleges create policies and practices that institutionalize equity and thus sustain equitable and just systems for future generations of underrepresented students. This requires a long- term commitment to monitoring implementation to ensure that the policies and programs students fight for are protected over time.

For example, when the California Governor and State Chancellor’s Office allocated equity funds to college districts to support student populations with high-needs, SMACers were instrumental in creating positions for project coordinators to sustain student-centered programs, such as VIDA (a center for undocumented students) and the Digital Literacy Project.

In 2012, SMACers went head-to-head with union leaders and department chairs in a battle to diversify faculty at CCSF by advocating for improved HR practices provento increase the number of qualified applicants of color. After much pushback, the Board passed the diversity hiring plan, which included specific reforms such as simplification of application requirements, and a call for strengthening ties with professional organizations and local graduate programs. The following list summarizes SMAC’s organizing and advocacy to sustain equity at CCSF:

  • Hired VIDA and Digital Literacy Project coordinators Hired Associate Dean of Student Equity

  • Board approval of diversity blueprint for faculty recruitment and hiring


Fix City College

In 2013, CCSF faced an accreditation crisis that would result in CCSF being shut down. ACCJC announced that it would revoke accreditation from CCSF in 2014. Loss of accreditation would result in loss of public funding and students would be unable to get financial aid. During the accreditation crisis CCSF lost one third of its full time students and enrollment pulmited. SMAC advocated and organized (Fix City College Campaign 2013) to ensure CCSF would keep it’s accreditation. In 2014, SMAC celebrated because CCSF was not closing. ACCJC appealed their decision to evoke accreditation from CCSF.

Fix City College

  1. Fix the College: We want CCSF to fix what needs fixing to keep our accreditation.

  2. Students First: We want students to be considered first in policy making, budget, programmatic, and decision making structures!

  3. Equity: Give students what they need to succeed! Close the achievement gap!

  4. Tell the Truth: Acknowledge the mistakes made in the past and fix them! Students should not suffer for others mistakes!

  5. Accountability: Set realistic goals and consequences!

We Are C.C.S.F.

During City College of San Francisco's accreditation crisis, SMAC members formed an alliance with Community, Classified, Students, and Faculty to "Repair, Rebuild and Restore" the college. Participants rolled up their sleeves to tackle a major campus clean-up effort. The catalyst for the effort was the $1.8 billion in deferred maintenance - a result of cost cutting over multiple years. When the college made decisions to eliminate regular maintenance and repairs, the campus began to fall apart from the seams. Coupled with hiring freezes, the maintenance crew faced an uphill battle with keeping the campus clean and safe for the community. We Are C.C.S.F. worked tirelessly to restore Ocean campus and Downtown campus to their former glory, a much needed effort to strengthen community and revive hope that CCSF will remain open, accredited, and be a place we can all be proud of.


Free College 

The Free College at CCSF campaign attracts more students to the college while removing barriers to higher education for underrepresented and low-income students. Under the program, students who have less than 60 credit units and who are eligible for in-state tuition can take classes for free. In addition, students who fulfill additional requirements will receive scholarships for books and laptops.

In order to meet its enrollment goals, CCSF needs at least 2,500 full-time students to matriculate in the next academic year. The materialization of the campaign's efforts will give students of color, veterans, DSPS students, Guardian scholars, and low-income students access to higher education while supporting their academic goals throughout their time at CCSF.