Leadership DEvelopment

Since 2010, one of SMAC’s priorities has been to provide leadership training and support for black and brown students at CCSF, including personal development workshops, organizing trainings, academic support and mentoring, and leadership coaching. Our leadership development programming continues to evolve in order to support the ever-changing needs of SMAC leaders, most of whom are are first generation college students who are often working, struggling to live independently or helping their families financially. All SMAC leaders are asked to self-reflect, set goals, and engage in personal work that leads to growth in all areas of their lives. In a recent SMAC alumni survey, 100% of participants reported that they had no leadership skills before joining SMAC but say that that they now extend their leadership experience and knowledge to other students.

SMAC leaders are powerful, insightful and fully engaged in the work of improving the conditions for CCSF students. They are not afraid to engage at the heart of power with administrators, faculty, staff, trustees, and even elected officials at the state level. SMAC leaders have become a central student voice for equity at CCSF, representing and advocating for some of the most marginalized students at the college.


SMAC Fellowship Program develops leaders by focusing on their leadership, advocacy skills, organizing skills, political education, and consciousness development.

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Advocacy Skills

SMAC engage at the heart of power, with administrators, faculty, staff and even Trustees. SMAC fellows advocate for equity in community colleges for underrepresented groups.



Leadership Skills

SMAC Fellows push past feelings of inadequacy and apathy, and develop into confident and courageous leaders who are self-assured, determined and skilled.

SMAC Leaders are unapologetic about standing up for racial equity on campus.

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Organizing Skills

SMAC fellows learn organizing skills beginning with campaign development goals to tactics and mobilization to create social change for community college students that are often most impacted by policies that inhibit their success.



Political Education

The depth of political analysis and experience gained by SMAC leaders throughout the program allows them to creatively engage with power brokers at CCSF (and beyond) to ensure effective solutions for students.

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Policy Research Skills

SMAC’s advocacy and organizing is informed by research and data. SMAC fellows become expects who educate students, administrators, faculty, staff and Trustees about best practices that will benefit students success at CCSF based on statewide and local research.



Consciousness Development

SMAC student leaders first unlearn their oppressions in order to become empowered and unstoppable community organizers and advocates. SMAC is an opportunity to be developed in a caring and comprehensive way that cares for each individual student leader.


Hear from our Students

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How did you view your leadership BEFORE SMAC and after SMAC?

Ari, SMAC Alumni