In Move Away From Remedial Classes, California Community Colleges Roll Out More Transfer-Level Alternatives

“At San Francisco City College, Marjorie Blen is now working with a group called Students Making a Change to help her peers enroll in new transfer-level classes.” Read More

College remedial classes can be hindrance, not help

"For years colleges have been telling us we are not ready for college. In fact, colleges weren’t ready for us." Read More

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Know your rights: the ab 705 initiative and what it means for students

Hear from SMAC Fellow Helen and SMAC’s Founder.

“This video takes a detailed look into California's AB 705 legislation through on-screen interviews with students, educators and state officials. AB 705 builds on the work of California community colleges to reform assessment and placement policies to increase student success. Under the new law, community colleges must place students into English and math courses using high school performance. The law prohibits community colleges from denying a student entry into transfer-level math and English classes and encourages them to provide support such as advising and tutoring.” Watch video

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“New episode of KCSF NEWS is available! We had students from S.M.A.C. (Students making a change) as guests in our KCSF studio. It is a truly empowering conversation with first generation college students who want to break the barriers in educational system that prevent them from graduating on time. S.M.A.C. tell personal stories from students who took placement tests, and explain how students can use AB705 to get into transfer level classes at CCSF.” Listen to the talk

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“‘The fact that colleges have been pushing the placement test, which is not a good way to measure students’ capability and has shown to have inherent bias, instead of using multiple measures, reflects the mentality of a school that is setting up its students to not succeed,’ student Christian Rodriguez [SMAC Fellow] told our Board of Governors in September, student Christian Rodriguez told our Board of Governors in September.” Read More


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“This past weekend Marjorie Blen and her fellow students at City College of San Francisco entered classrooms where their peers were taking tests to determine if they’ll need remedial math or English to tell them they don’t need to be there.

The students, organized as Students Making a Change, are urging others to enroll instead in college-level courses now rather than wait until next year when the law goes into effect.” Read More

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The Chronicle

Invest in a community college degree, not just access

"I recently had the privilege of walking the halls of our state Capitol with Kashmiere Young, an amazing community college student leader who attends City College of San Francisco. A single mother who supports herself and her family, Young eloquently spoke truth to power, telling policymakers how community colleges can and must change to support the success of students like her: a student of color and a parent who is underserved by so many systems across the state." Read More

The Guardsman

Letter to the editors

"I’m stressed because AB 705 is one of the most significant civil rights laws passed by California’s governor benefitting community college students and almost no one is talking about it. Myself and my team of organizers in Students Making a Change, a recognized club on Ocean Campus, have been working to spread the word to about AB 705 and have asked City College and the chancellor to inform students of our rights." Read More

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The Guardsman

New law means new hope for students in remedial classes

"An organization made up of current students and alumni, Students Making a Change (SMAC), has put pressure on the chancellor’s office to implement the law as early as Fall 2018." Read More

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The Coleman E-Alert

SMAC Wins Historic Shift in Placement Options for Students at City College!

"Last night, the City College Board of Trustees voted unanimously to support a proposal that would allow students more choice in placement in non-college level courses.  Specifically, the proposal would allow students, after taking the test, to meet with a counselor and choose to place themselves in an English course one level higher than the level tested at, and students would also be able place a level higher in a Math course based on a set of criteria." Read More

The Guardsman

Placement Test Politics

"Students from SMAC, as well as representatives from both Coleman Advocates and Bridge to Success, a program which promotes college success for underrepresented students, were visibly upset — even livid." Read More

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CA FWD: A Catalyst for a Better California

Innovation in higher education must benefit student

"It took me six years to get through City College of San Francisco," said Leuma, who is a native of American Samoa. "Students want to get out faster, but often they don't know how and didn't believe that the system was always set up for them to succeed." Read More

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The Coleman E-Alert

City College student organizing featured in a national report

"Coleman is excited to be featured in an important new report about the growing field of community college student civic engagement. Our CCSF student advocacy is highlighted and several of our inspiring SMAC student leaders are quoted in the report. Check it out and spread the word!" Read More

The Coleman E-Alert  

City College Ed Equity Update

"SMAC student leaders have taken it upon themselves to reach out to hundreds of students to inform them of their right to "multiple measures" assessment and related resources, when deciding courses to place into for Math and English." Read More


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Digital Journal

Op-Ed: A community space for the Digital Age moves into the neighborhood

"...we aim to provide learning opportunities in the areas of computer science, technology and innovation; to low-income and working class youth and students, parents and teachers, and local entrepreneurs in the Excelsior (and Ingleside) neighborhood." Read more