Our Story

It was 2009 when a group of students who were frustrated by increasing budget cuts and overcrowded classes decided to organize students to advocate at the City College of San Francisco. This group, comprised of underrepresented students of color, approached the Board of Trustees and the college's Administration to demand improved access to college-level English and math courses; improved financial aid services; a streamlined process for finding jobs on campus; and improved counseling services, especially for undocumented AB540 students.  

A year later, the student group formed a club called Students Making a Change (SMAC). The club was established in order to support the development of CCSF student leaders to become change-makers on campus and within their communities. SMAC is a student-led organization that recruits emerging student leaders committed to improving student equity at CCSF and beyond. SMAC student leaders first unlearn their oppressions in order to become empowered and unstoppable community organizers and advocates. Our work focuses on critical, systemic issues impacting marginalized student populations, and our student leadership reflects the communities we aim to serve. We are multi-ethnic and believe in the power of unity and solidarity in fighting for justice in schools.

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