Pathways to Student Success

From the early days of SMAC, student leaders recognized several barriers that prevented them from reaching success with transfer to four-year Universities. With this insight, SMAC leaders pushed for placement testing policy reform, as well as priority registration and multiple measures assessments, to ensure that students (particularly incoming high schools students) are assessed fairly and accurately. The following list summarizes SMAC’s advocacy and organizing to improve pathways to college success, both at the local and the state level:

  • Accelerated math and English courses

  • Reformed placement testing system to include “multiple measures” options for incoming students

  • Implemented priority registration for SFUSD graduations [focused on students in Bridge to Success]

  • Outreached to hundreds of students, utilizing a range of customized materials, to inform them of student rights to “multiple measures” assessment when deciding courses to place into for math and English

  • Testified and advocated at the state-level for SB 440 (the Student Transfer Bill), requiring community colleges to grant an associate degree for transfer to a student who meets degree requirements


smac changes pLACEMENT OPTIONS

“Last night, the City College Board of Trustees voted unanimously to support a proposal that would allow students more choice in placement in non-college level courses.  Specifically, the proposal would allow students, after taking the test, to meet with a counselor and choose to place themselves in an English course one level higher than the level tested at, and students would also be able place a level higher in a Math course based on a set of criteria.” Read More



smac's AB 705 CAMPAIGN

SMAC's goal for this year is to ensure that AB705 is worked into CCSF’s policy and curriculum by Fall of 2018. AB705 is a law that was recently passed this year in California, which demands that community colleges place students in math and english classes using multiple measures, which allows counselors to review past school records and GPAs and placing students into the highest class possible. AB705 also stipulates that no student can be denied entry into a college level class. Implementation of AB705 is important for students because they are often held back by the placement test, becoming stuck in sequences that statistically ensure failure to transfer to higher institutions.