Program model:

The SMAC Fellows Program is an intensely practical 9-12 month experience designed to prepare City College of San Francisco students to become engaged community activists and campus organizers. The Program Model centers SMAC’s core principles of impacting equity and justice, first for individual students of color, and then throughout colleges and the communities where students live.

The SMAC Fellows will spend 9 – 12 months sharpening their leadership skills and sharing their experiences with a cohort of developing leaders in a process that will transform them into strong conductors of social change, lasting well beyond the program’s duration. Through the fellowship, we hope to support a network of emerging and established student activists and organizers who are able to make change in their own lives, on campus and in the surrounding community. To effectively address the issues of equity and access at CCSF, the organization will select a cohort of fellows who represent the heart and soul of City College – both

This is a part-time leadership development program that will make a difference for you, other CCSF students, the campus overall and your community. This fellowship program is a mixture of training, practice, skill building and innovating to improve the lives of students and the surrounding community. You will be supported by your faculty advisors, program staff, peers and alumni. No one day will be the same as the next – this is a Fellowship that will be adaptable to the creativity, needs and interests of the students. The ideal candidate is open to learning, committed to fighting for the rights of students, and interested in building leadership that they will use beyond their time at CCSF.

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