Student Resources + Programs

SMAC students have organized their peers to address inequities in resources at CCSF for several years. From accessing campus jobs to scholarships to textbooks, SMAC students have had several important advocacy victories that resulted in greater support for students, particularly for underrepresented students of color at CCSF. For example, in 2010, students sought jobs largely through informal networks and word-of-mouth, rather than job boards and online systems. With pressure from SMAC students, the Administration developed an online hiring platform to streamline the process for students to get hired on campus within days instead of weeks.

SMAC students advocated for the effective use of student equity funds to ensure that funding initiatives directly impacted underrepresented students rather than perpetuate the status quo. The following list summarizes SMAC’s expansion of resources for students and their communities:

  • Improved online student hiring system
  • Enhanced orientation with nancial aid support during counseling sessions
  • Protected the CCSF Book Loan program when the CCSF bookstore was privatized
  • Advocated for the effective use of state-designated Student Equity funds at the college
  • Prioritized student support services through “We Are CCSF” campaign with classified staff
  • Expanded transportation vouchers for underrepresented students Expanded Family Resource Center for Summer
  • Created VIDA Resource Center
  • Created Digital Action Hub
  • Created Digital Literacy Project (DLP) 


"I’m very glad there is a computer checkout program because it helped me a lot since I don’t have access to a computer after the library closes. I am part of the Puente program, so I recommend DLP to my classmates and it helped them out, too. Thank you for this service!" – Brenda G. 


Vida resource center

Our most visible win has been the launch of Voices of Immigrants Demonstrating Achievement (VIDA) in 2011, a resource center for friends, allies, and all students a ected by issues of immigration or citizenship status (V.I.D.A Resource Center Campaign 2011). SMAC students and allies wrote a proposal to start the center with funding and office space and continue to work closely with the VIDA center and its leaders to ensure solid and stable institutional support. The center has been a critical resource and safe space for students who struggle in school and in life because of their citizenship status.

Digital Action Hub 

The hub is a community space created by SMAC’s leaders, who launched DAhub in October 2014. While the organization’s leaders were encouraged by the movement and possibility in today’s digital landscape, they noted that working-class students and communities of color didn’t have access to the resources or technical skills to participate in the field. As technological innovation continues in San Francisco, many working-class students, youth and families are being left behind. This is the gap Digital Action Hub (DAhub) hopes to fill.



The Technology Literacy Campaign (TLC)

TLC is a program at CCSF currently under development. Proposed by CCSF students, TLC aims to provide laptop rentals, computer training workshops, and technological support for CCSF students in an effort to close the digital divide for low-income and first generation college students who face difficulty with accessing the technology they need for their academic success.

While students need both technological resources and support in order successfully complete their coursework, TLC aims to build students’ computer proficiency through a robust training program. Free to attend, any eligible student may complete classes and earn badges that they can use to pay for future computer rentals.

TLC provides:

1. Computer Laptop Rentals

2. Technical Support

3. Computer Training Workshops