Undocumented Student Success

Determined to pursue opportunities for colleges to better serve undocumented students, SMAC students have helped increase supports for undocumented students at CCSF and across the State. Crucial to our success has been the centering of undocumented students on SMAC’s student leadership team. 


Student Stipends

In partnership with the Office of Mentoring and Service Learning, SMAC also lead in the creation of the only, pre-DACA, CCSF program to provide paid job opportunities for undocumented students. This program was the first of its kind, enabling undocumented students to be paid for their work on campus. The following list summarizes how SMAC has centered undocumented student achievement:

  • Created Voices of Immigrants Demonstrating Achievement (VIDA)

  • Supported the expansion of resources and staff support to sustain the center as needs increased

  • Created the Office of Mentoring and Student Learning (OMSL) student internship program